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Howard M. Rosengarten started his law firm in 1968 with a focus on immigration and injury law. Over the years he began helping his clients with all their needs as they arose, and became skilled in divorce and family law as well as bankruptcy.

He strives to build a relationship with his clients. Today he handles the children and grandchildren of many of the clients who helped him build his practice. Howard’s office has attorneys to handle all of your needs, including landlord tenant, claims under the ADA, injuries at work, getting you your social security, criminal defense and any other legal problem you encounter.

Howard has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1969, and has conducted seminars and spoken on many legal subjects. He enjoys discussing real people’s everyday issues and helping them find solutions. He offers a free consultation and often helps people find hope again to overcome a situation which seemed hopeless.

It is this process which led Howard into the business of handling ADA cases. A client in a wheelchair who came in for a free consultation for a divorce mentioned how frustrating it was that she couldn't get into stores and restaurants often.

She told Howard that she often went on an outing to a particular large store with other people where she lives. However, she could do nothing more than sit in the van while other people did her shopping due to a step down inside the store. Howard remembered the frustration and depressed feelings his mother had in the same situation so he offered to help his client. They now have a ramp inside the store. Very shortly thereafter Howard filed a lawsuit in Federal court to force the store to stop breaking the law. A ramp was installed and his client now is able to fully enjoy the outings with her friends. In addition, Howard got compensation for his client for the negative ways the situation had impacted her!  

Howard Rosengarten

Best of all, there was no charge to his client!! The ADA provides that the businesses BREAKING THE LAW must pay for the attorneys services.

His disabled clients have been assisted with claims against the facilities which caused their bedsores due to bad care. He assists with SSI claims for the disabled who have been denied. In addition to his regular clients, many other attorneys regularly seek his advice.

Howard's years of helping his clients has made him well versed to assist the disabled with ALL of their legal problems and looks forward to helping you!

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