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Congress made discrimination against the disabled a violation of your civil rights in 1992 when they enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA). Many businesses in other states have complied with the law and our clients with disabilities tell us how much they enjoy visiting states where accessibility is the norm.

In New York City, many businesses still ignore THE LAW and totally renovate their property without giving consideration to the needs of the disabled. Our goal is to assist the disabled in making New York City accessible, one step at a time.

ADA cases are typically filed in Federal Court and we are admitted to both the Southern and Eastern United States District Courts of New York. The ADA provides for payment of your attorney fees by the defendant after we successfully handle your claim for access.  

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You do not pay us attorney fees when we pursue accessibility for you, under the ADA. Under New York law, you may also be entitled to money damages from a business which has discriminated against you by denying access.

You have everything to gain by asserting your rights.

Every time you stand up for your rights, you benefit yourself and every other disabled person.

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Clients getting compensated
Clients getting compensated for negative encounters they have had.

The stories our clients, friends, and family have shared, led us to be a voice for the disabled. It is not acceptable for a person in a wheelchair to be forced to sit on the sidewalk while a store brings out lingerie for him to choose for his girlfriend's birthday gift. Society cannot turn its head when a person in a wheelchair has to sit in the rain at a restaurant door, waiting for someone to come out and take and deliver his order. A wheelchair bound individual should not have to accept she cannot attend her friend’s birthday party because the bar has broken the law for twenty years by not removing the step at the door.

Our clients do not have to avoid shopping in the historic district in the stores they love. After sitting on the sidewalk to shop for years, one of our clients came to us to complain, with the result being we have made many businesses become accessible.

He was told that stores don’t have to comply because they are in a Landmark district. We told him the TRUTH. Landmark districts CANNOT lock out the disabled! They have the same obligation as every other business; no one is “grandfathered”.

We have reached satisfactory settlements for our clients who have faced wrongful discrimination from a New York business.

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