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Disability Access Law Specialist    

Disability Access Law Specialist

Supporting Your Rights

To Mobility Freedom.
Is there a business you or your loved one would like to do business with, but cannot due to a barrier to entry?

Call and speak with us about your situation. Every business you fight to make accessible improves life for you and others! Many people benefit when a business becomes accessible.

Save your energy for the battles you have to fight. Allow us to fight for you. Together, we can make New York City accessible, one step at a time.

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You do not pay us attorney fees when we pursue accessibility for you, under the ADA. Under New York law, you may also be entitled to money damages from a business which has discriminated against you by denying access.

You have everything to gain by asserting your rights. Every time you stand up for your rights, you benefit yourself and every other disabled person. Become a wheelchair advocate and contact us.



Rosengarten's donation of hydraulic lift to retirement community helps residents!

"I'm happy we were able to cut whatever red tape there was to accomplish this,"

"...(it shows) that people still care."

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